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by Akuna on June 25, 2013

www.capitalone.com/contact is the page on Capital One bank’s website where customers, prospective customers and members of the general public can access the banks customer support function. It is also, in a way of speaking, the ‘contact us’ page on Capital One Bank’s website.

The structure of the Capital One Customer Support page

Capital One Bank’s customer support page at www.capitalone.com/contact is designed to make it easy for the customers to access the specific form of support they need. The webpage itself is basically made up of a collection of hyperlinks, these being the links to the pages where Capital One Bank customers can get support on various issues.

You notice that the page can be visualized as being made up of three major columns, those being:

The right column: which has a link to the frequently asked questions page, a link to the page where support for online banking functions is offered, and a link to the ‘site map’ page.

The middle column: this has links to many sections. One of those is the section where contact details (by phone, postal mail or email) are given. Then there are sections with links to the pages where issue-specific help is offered pertaining to things like the credit cards, the banking products, the loans, the investment products and so on.

The right column: this hosts a branch/ATM locator button, as well as a section with common questions/requests and finally, a section with details on how suspicious emails can be reported.

Accessing the Capital One Customer Support Page

There are very many ways of accessing the Capital One customer support page, key among them:

  • Simply putting the page’s URL into a browser’s address bar – the address being, as we have already mentioned, www.capitalone.com/contact.
  • Logging onto the homepage, at www.capitalone.com, and then clicking on the ‘customer service’ main/bold menu item, to access the page.
  • Logging onto a search engine, and then doing a search for ‘Capital One customer service.’

Modes in which Capital One Bank customer support is offered

There are several modes in which Capital One Bank customer support is offered, including:

  • The FAQ mode: many of the questions that customers have are questions that have been answered before, hence the relevance of the FAQ section as a customer support tool.
  • The phone-based mode: numbers are given, at www.capitalone.com/contact, through which one can contact Capital One Bank for support through the phone.
  • The email-based mode: a form through which email-based customer support can be accessed is available at www.capitalone.com/contact.
  • The postal mail-based mode: for those who prefer to do things the old way, there is an option of sending a letter requesting for help from Capital One bank, and a postal address is provided at www.capitalone.com/contact.

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